Andrey Votinov Chef

Andrey Votinov is a well-known chef based in Limassol, Cyprus, originally from Newport, United Kingdom. Although he is young, his ambition and passion for Mediterranean cuisine have taken him all the way to Cyprus, where he has moved for 4 years already. He says he does not want to leave any time soon.


Chef Andrey Votinov was born in Newport, United Kingdom on August 1, 1995, in a family with two children. His father was also passionate about cooking at one point, but gave up this passion to become a sailor. His mother cooks the best chocolate chip cookies and other cakes, so it’s no wonder where Andrey got his passion for cooking.

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About Andrey Votinov

At only 9 years old, Andrey Votinov learned to make pancakes with his mother, and a few years later, he surprised his parents whenever he had the opportunity with various cakes and easy-to-make dishes. After a vacation in Cyprus at the age of 15, Andrey fell hopelessly in love with Mediterranean cuisine. We say Mediterranean cuisine, because he began to study this branch more, including the dishes from southern Italy, Greece and even France. Although Greek and Turkish cuisine occupy a special place in Andrey’s heart, being the dishes he cooks often, he tries to approach as many recipes as possible to surprise his clients and friends.

After finishing high school, he followed the courses of a cooking school to perfect himself and also participated in numerous courses and workshops with some of the most famous chefs in England. He knew from the beginning that he wanted to become an exceptional chef, so he did not consider another job. He has been living in Limassol for 4 years and has fulfilled his dream of cooking in the country he considers heaven on earth. Andrey Votinov loves challenges and says that in the future, he plans to open a small restaurant and reinvent some of his favorite recipes.

Regarding his personal life, Andrey Votinov is preparing for his wedding that will take place next year. His fiancee, Mariliza, age 25, has been his lover for 3 years, and the two say it was love at first sight. In fact, Mariliza fell in love with the way Andrey cooks, serving dinner in one of the restaurants he worked for, and later they met at a party organized by a mutual friend.

Although the job of a chef can be considered quite demanding, Andrey also has time for other hobbies. He likes diving and not a week goes by without going to his favorite place on the island. He also loves photography and would like to specialize in culinary photography. He can’t get enough of photographing the dishes he loves to cook every day and is even thinking of a cookbook for which he can personally photograph the dishes.

Also, 3 times a year, Andrey returns to the United Kingdom, to his parents, and he loves to ride horses there. He says that it relaxes him and at the same time teaches him how to remain calm regardless of the situation.

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